Will's Historic Art Tour



To finish off my requirements for my "Fine Arts" degree last year I had to take a year of Art History.  Figuring I knew all I ever wanted to know about art, plus the fear of falling asleep while watching endless slides in class, I delayed these classes to the very end of my program.  Much to my total and utter amazement, I found out that I indeed knew NOTHING about Art History, and was quite quickly converted to having an obsessive compulsive fascination with understanding the history of great art.

Having poo-pooed most Prehistoric, Ancient, and Egyptian art in the past, as well as a lot of Religious, Renaissance, and Modern art, I realized how much I had missed out when I had the opportunity to see this stuff on previous trips, and on the other hand what I had missed out in realizing the historical significance and meaning of many great pieces of art that I did see.   As a result, I was determined to go back to western art centers and see for myself these pieces of art and architecture with a newly gained perspective.

In 2017, most of the time I was on my own, and included a 6-day Road Scholar program in Rome and in Paris, which I incorporated into my itinerary.

Going through my text books, I've identified 150+ pieces of art and architecture that we studied, that are located in Rome, Paris and London, and I plan eventually to see them all.  I also did quite a bit of extensive research over the past couple of years to educate myself more, and created a number of background papers to prepare me for the trip.


For those of you who are interested in finding out more detail about Will's Historic Art Tour,
here is a list of the places I went to and still need to go to,
 along with some papers I've been working on.

The items with underlines, link to my pdf files

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